Breakfasts to Turbo-Charge Your Energy

Did you know that what you eat after rolling out of bed in the morning has the power to make you bright eyed and bushy tailed or just blah?

Chowing down on a good hearty breakfast in the AM can banish cravings mid-afternoon, kick start your metabolism (and energy), and help you lose weight. Why? Because you might think skipping breakfast saves you calories, but it really only makes you more likely to succumb to the temptation of sweet and fatty snacks or to overeat during your next meal. And if you hit the gym before work or run first thing in the mornings, you need to refuel your blood sugar levels and carbohydrate storage in order for your body and mind to perform at they’re optimal levels.

Here are 10 breakfasts to turbo-charge your energy…

Poached Eggs and Toast

Poach and eat two eggs—the whole egg—I’m not just talking about eating the whites and tossing the yolks. Remember, more than half of the valuable protein is in the yolk itself. And add a few slices of whole grain or dark rye toast to make it a balanced meal.

Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Try 6 ounces of fat-free or low-fat cottage cheese with a drizzle of wildflower honey.

DIY Granola

Make muscle-building protein a priority with 1/4 cup each granola, rolled oats, chopped almonds, and raisins or dried cranberries with low-fat milk.


If you run in the mornings, oats are a great way to fuel your muscles for your workout. Top quick oats with low-fat yogurt or apple butter, and sprinkle on some chopped dried dates, craisins, and raisins.

Yogurt and Berries

Make your own breakfast-style sundae by layering a cup of fat-free plain Greek yogurt, mixed berries—like sliced strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, and raspberries—then add a dollop of maple syrup or vanilla on top!


Keep this breakfast staple under 100-calories by using dark rye bread sliced thin, topped with a tablespoon of almond butter and a thin swipe of honey or a few banana slices.

Breakfast Smoothie

You can get creative with your blender by whipping up a fresh smoothie. My personal favorite—a handful of baby spinach leaves, frozen mixed berries, half a banana, a ¼ cup of almond milk or a few scoops of my favorite low fat fruit yogurt.

Trail Mix and Milk

This is a quick fix in the am, especially if you have limited time in the mornings. Make your own GORP, by mixing your favorite nuts (i.e., walnuts, pecans, soy nuts, peanuts, or almonds) with some dried fruit (apricots, dates, figs, raisins, and cranberries). Portion them into ½ cup servings and grab a single-serving carton of low-fat milk or non-dairy beverage (i.e., like soy milk or almond milk).

Healthy Bacon n’ Egger

Curb the temptation to enter the McDonald’s drive thru with this healthy take on the Egg McMuffin. Top a whole wheat English muffin with one sliced hard-boiled egg and a few strips of low fat turkey bacon.

Fresh Fruit Salad

If you’re tummy can’t handle a big meal in the mornings, treat it to a light fruit salad. Dice up some apples, pears, oranges, berries, bananas, and grapes; add a touch of cinnamon and squeeze a little bit of lime or lemon juice on top.

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Julie Ching, MS, RDN, CDE

Julie Ching, MS, RDN, CDE

Julie Ching is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator in Los Angeles. She decided to become a Dietitian after traveling through Europe, South America, and Asia and discovered a passion for food. She now works with people of all ages and varying disease states to improve their health. She is passionate about teaching people about nutrition so they can live their best life while still considering their cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.