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10 Additions to Super Power your Omelet

Now that more experts believe eggs can and should be included in a healthy, balanced diet, you can feel good about eating them and even take advantage of them to super power your morning omelet! The standard egg, ham, and cheese omelet might be delicious, but there’s so much more you can do to make your omelet pack a healthier AM punch. It’s fun and healthy to experiment with different recipes so do so by focusing on ingredients that are full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fiber. So many different and fresh foods combine well with eggs. Not only that, but adding nutrient-rich ingredients to your morning meal can help keep you healthy, boost your energy for the day (or pre-workout), and keep your appetite satisfied for longer to prevent binge snacking. So get cracking those eggs with these ten healthy additions to super-power your omelet…

1. Swiss Chard

For some, Swiss chard is an acquired taste. However, like any new, fresh, healthy food, you simply need to cook it with the right ingredients. Omelets are one way to include Swiss chard in your diet. By adding the leafy green to your omelet, you’ll benefit from the many nutrients found within. The bitter and salty flavor of Swiss chard finds a nice balance when sautéed with eggs, and it also blends well with a variety of veggies (since it’s often used in stir fries) if you want to add even more healthy ingredients. Just remember to sauté your the chard before adding it to your eggs to soften it up and lighten the bitter tang.

Swiss chard is virtually overloaded with a bunch of vitamins and antioxidants. For instance, this leafy green is high in fiber and protein, and contains anti-inflammatory properties, which contribute to good health and also help protect your body against disease in the future. A healthy morning (or evening) omelet is part of a healthy, balanced diet. Plus, research from the National Institutes of Health show that the inclusion of eggs in a weight management program enhances weight loss, which means there’s zero reason to cut them out if you’re trying to lose weight.

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