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The 6 Biggest Myths About the Common Cold

With colder weather descending upon the northern parts of North America, many people will be staying inside, thereby increasing the chances they’ll contract and then spread the common cold. It means that, while many people will be excited about sharing the holidays with friends and family, the gifts they’re most likely to pass on to their loved ones could be a plugged nose, sore throat, and nagging cough.

Given this situation, it’s a good idea for everyone to understand the common cold a little better, starting with the many misconceptions, or myths, out there. So, what little white lies about the common cold did you believe until today?

1. Your Cold was Caused by Chilly Weather

It’s tough to deny that the common cold often appears more frequently once the temperature drops and snow starts to cover the ground. But there’s little scientific evidence to suggest that the colder weather has much of anything to do with the emergence of colds in the home or workplace.

So, what is the culprit? Put simply, it’s the fact that, during the colder months (usually October to April or so) we spend far more of our time in confined spaces with other people, like our colleagues, friends and family members. Adding to this is the fact that fall and winter bring the year’s biggest holidays, which tend to involve people spending time in the company of others inside rather than out in nature. In essence, your sniffly uncle Lou is probably to blame for your new head cold, not Frosty the Snowman.

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