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6 Must-Know Health Facts about Testicular Cancer

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We often hear that prostate cancer is the big killer among males, but testicular cancer is actually the leading cancer in men aged 15 to 35, according to the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.

While it’s very prevalent, testicular cancer not very talked about, notes the foundation. However, awareness can definitely save lives. For instance, the survival rate is more than 95-percent when testicular cancer is detected early. It just so happens that April is recognized by Testicular Cancer Society as Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. So, here are six things to know about this deadly killer among teens and men…

1. Testicular Cancer Can Develop at Any Age

While half of the cases fall into the 20 to 34 age range, males of any age can develop this disease, according to the American Cancer Society. That includes seniors and even infants, according to the organization.

The most common form of this cancer in infants is called Yolk Sac Carcinoma, because of the resemblance of the tumors to the yolk sac of a human embryo, explains the society. The source notes that this type of cancer in children is often treated successfully and responds well to chemotherapy.


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