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7 Yoga Poses for Parents and Kids

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Just because you’re a parent now, doesn’t mean you have to give up all of the things you love to do. In fact, it means that you now have a mini version of yourself to share fun and beneficial things with! A lot of yoga practicing parents end up pushing their yoga practice to the side, or cutting it short. And granted, there will be days and times when that will occur, but why not start enlightening your children at a young age by having them participate with you? Kids are naturally flexible, inquisitive, and want to do what mommy or daddy is doing too. Not to mention, they love all of the fun animal named asanas—so give it a try, unroll a mat for that tiny yogi, and get your Om on together.

Here are several easy, fun and stress relieving postures to try with your kids…


1. Happy Baby

This pose is simple, grounding and does a multitude of fantastic things for your body. Gently stretching the inner groin muscles, opening the hips, and lightly stretching the spine.

Happy baby is calming for the brain, and relieves stress, while stretching the arms and shoulders. Share a story or two with your child about how you saw them in this exact pose as a baby!


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