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6 Surprising Hereditary Health Conditions

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When it comes to family ties, unfortunately, you can end up inheriting more than your mother’s talent for sketching and your grandfather’s comedic charm. Aside from personality traits, personal passions, and even certain physical aspects (i.e., blood type, body type, or eye color), you may also be prone to inherited health conditions thanks to your family genes.

Here are six surprising health conditions with hereditary connections…

1. Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a very common type of hair loss, often blamed on a trio of environmental, genetic, and hormonal factors. The signs of androgenic alopeciaor male pattern baldnesscan emerge as as young as the early 20s with a gradually receding hairline that eventually takes the entire crown over the next 5- to 25 years.

While it’s true that baldness is often governed by a specific X chromosome gene, you can’t always determine your luck or loss of luscious locks by looking at your dad or uncles head. Rather, this particular “balding” gene is inherited through mom.  Keep in mind that scientists claim baldness can be passed down from anyone in your family lineage.

male pattern baldness

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