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6 Items that Should be on Your Child’s Checkup Checklist

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As an adult, your doctor or dentist has probably told you that you need to get certain checkups regularly to maintain optimal health. These exams include physicals from time to time, including a prostate exam for men by the age of 40, and a pap test for women starting at age 21.

Well, your toddler may appear to be at the pinnacle of health, but there are routine exams that apply even when junior is still in pull-ups. These six early medical inspections are designed to ensure your child is developing properly and not at risk of disease, as well as catch any early problems before they grow to adult-sized proportions…

1. First Dental Visit

Teeth are a big deal for kids and literally change what they can eat. While your child probably won’t be undergoing a fluoride treatment during their first time in the dentist’s chair, a dental professional can still assess whether teeth are growing in as they’re supposed to.

The Canadian Dental Association says an infant’s mouth can be inspected by 1-year of age, or within 6-months or getting his or her first tooth. Not only can this early visit get your child accustomed to being comfortable with an oral exam, it also gives the dentist a chance to tell you if your toddler brushing skills are up to par.

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