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9 Staggering Influenza Statistics From the 2018 Season

The flu has been a nationwide topic of discussion among families, communities, and of course, the media. We battle the flu every year, but this season it seems to be particularly bad with extremely high levels of influenza-like illnesses being recorded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to the acting director of the CDC, the numbers are now mirroring those from the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, but experts are quick to point out that we are not in a pandemic. In fact the 2018 season has been deemed “moderately severe.”

One of the best forms of protection against the flu (aside from being vaccinated) is to be informed. We don’t often take the flu very seriously because it’s so common and rarely dangerous for the average person, but because it is always changing, it will always pose a threat, so awareness and protection is important. The season is ongoing so these numbers are still subject to change, but here are the latest statistics for the 2018 flu season…

1. Number of Cases Recorded

According to the CDC, the United States experiences a flu epidemic every year and each year it results in a number of deaths. What’s different about this year is the dominant strain that is being passed around and the intensity of this season. Because the flu is so widespread throughout the U.S., the infection rate is being recorded at 7.7 percent, which is up from the previous week of 7.1 percent.

Overall, there have been 151,983 cases of the flu recorded this season. At the end of the Feb. 3, 2018 week there were 14,094 new laboratory-confirmed cases of the flu. While this gives us a good indication of how the flu is spreading, these numbers are probably even higher than what is being recorded because it does not include people who have not sought help from a healthcare professional.

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