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7 Dirty Little Beauty Habits

You wash and scrub in the shower—head to toe. You meticulously apply the perfect shades of eye shadow and blush, and brush and style every single hair in place. However, is your beauty routine unknowingly exposing you to bacteria, mold, and germs that pose a risk of infection? If you’re guilty of any of these seven dirty little beauty habits, you may be risking your heath for the sake of aesthetics…

1. Shared Razors

I’ve been guilty of borrowing my husband’s razor in a pinch as well. Never again! Not only does using his razor on your legs, underarms, and bikini line wear it out so that it chafes and nicks his baby face—it also exposes skin to viruses (i.e., herpes, and hepatitis B and C), bacteria (i.e., folliculitis), and staph infections (i.e., MRSA).

Even if neither of you harbor any of the above viruses nor infections—old, shared razors are prone to bacteria and mold build-up. Plus, an old blade is risky for an infection via nicking skin if the blade becomes dull. You can prevent infections by using your own razor, rinsing it after every use, storing it in a dry place away from shower moisture, and switching to a new blade every 2 weeks.

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