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6 Tips to Help Blast the Sunday “Back to Work” Blues

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Are Sundays days of leisure for you or days of dread? It turns out that many individuals experience the same back-to-work blues associated with dreading the arrival of Monday. The thing is that the anxiety associated with going back to work for the week can eat into your weekend and even leave you downright depressed.

Come on, life’s too short not to llke Mondays! With that in mind, here are six tips to help you enjoy all of your weekend (even Sunday) so you can approach the beginning of the week with a positive frame of mind…

1. Most of Us Suffer the Back-to-Work Blues

No matter what you call it…the Monday blues, the Sunday sads, Sunday fear syndrome, work fear, or dimanchophobia (the official medical term), Business Insider says you are definitely not the only one dreading going back to work.

Not surprisingly, numerous studies have been conducted on this anxiety about work that begins with the Sunday sads. Notably, research from a Monster.com (the jobs site) study that found roughly 78 percent of respondents admitted to suffering from the depressing and anxiety-inducing feeling on Sunday evening, even if they loved their jobs.

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