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6 Facts That Get to the Root of Tooth Resorption

If your dentist tells you that you may have a case of tooth resorption (also called root or dental resorption), you will probably look at them funny. That’s because it isn’t a term you hear very often, as the condition (involving the breakdown of mineralized tissue) is fairly uncommon among adults.

However, this condition can cause your tooth (or multiple teeth) to be eaten away from the inside out or vice versa— however with early detection, there are steps that can be taken to save the tooth. Let’s look at six facts about this relatively rare dental issue…

1. It Can be Symptom-Free

Root resorption (external in particular, but we’ll get to that) is often without any obvious red flags, unless the tooth has been visibly damaged by external factors, explains DentalCareMatters.com. In other words, you may not experience any pain and have no idea something is amiss (until your tooth has become loose). There’s also the “Pink Tooth of Mummery,” which we’ll detail later.

The dentist will usually only be able to detect the problem using a conventional x-ray. While there are some known triggers that can lead to resorption (we’ll get to those too), oftentimes the problem doesn’t seem to have any obvious root cause.


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