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5 Steps to More Effective Communication

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Communication is not a one way exchange where you simply impart your message onto another. It’s the mutual sharing of information by transferring it from one place to another. Communication can be verbal, non-verbal, written, or by the use of visual aids such as graphs or charts. Communication is a process involving a sender, a message, and a receiver. Poor communication can result in your message being misinterpreted, misunderstood, or being completely ignored. Effective communication can improve the quality of your business and social relationships resulting in less conflict and more productive and rewarding time spent with others.

Let’s explore how to improve communication in more detail…


1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Non-Verbal Communication

Research conducted by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, Professor Emeritus in Psychology at UCLA, found that only 7-percent of a message is conveyed by words while 93-percent is conveyed by non-verbal communication (55-percent via body language and 38-percent via tone of voice).  For example if a person whispers “I love you” while holding their spouse and gazing into their eyes the message is drastically different from a person striding away, snorting, and shouting in an angry voice, “I LOVE YOU?” Body language and tone are considered more honest forms of communication.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and dating websites can pose serious communication problems as they rely exclusively on written communication. Even the telephone is a more reliable source of communication as it can convey the caller’s sex, nationality, education, and mood.  The internet has become a profitable place for predators to hide, creating false profiles, altering their age or sex with the click of a button. They can do this because the internet uses the most ineffective communication possible, that of the verbal message in written form.

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