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10 Fertility Treatments: Understanding Your Options

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Approximately 7.3 million Americans are unable to have children for one reason or another. But luckily, there are numerous fertility options available to help them have a baby despite the unfortunate statistics.

Thanks to advances in science, the following ten fertility options promise much hope when it comes to producing a baby. Of course, your preference for fertility technique will vary depending on medical history, the cause of your infertility, and finances. However, the increasing success of these ten fertility treatments can make conception a possibility…

1. Donor Eggs & Embryo Implantation

Approximately 43-percent of women successfully conceive using a donor egg or embryo implantation. The egg is donated by a fertile female, fertilized with your partner’s sperm, and implanted in your uterus. This fertility treatment is not only costly—it can range up to $20,000—but it may take a long while to choose a suitable donor as well.

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