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Long Term Insulin Use Can Cause Weight Gain

A new study from the University of British Columbia reconciles the chicken or the egg debate when it comes to what comes first between: weight gain and insulin.

The mouse study resulted in pretty clear findings that prove that animals with persistently lower insulin stay trim even when they gorged on a diet of high-fat foods—meaning that insulin itself drives obesity and not the other way around!

The study findings support past clinical studies that linked long-term insulin use by diabetes patients with weight gain.

“Insulin is neither good nor bad, but…there are nuances and ranges at which insulin levels are optimal,” says James Johnson, researcher at the University of British Columbia.

Johnson and his colleagues noted their study subjects had two insulin genes:

  1. Insulin1 shows up primarily in the pancreas
  2. Insulin2 in the brain and the pancreas

When scientists eliminated insulin2 in their test subjects, they found that mice with insulin1 (lower fasting insulin) were completely protected from obesity even when they had hearty appetites and consumed high-fat foods. These mice also experienced lower levels of inflammation and less fat in their livers because their fat tissues acted like heaters, burning off more energy, calories and waste.

Johnson points out that the research shows, “There are ways diets that keep insulin levels lower or that allow insulin levels to return to a healthy baseline each day.”

Source: Times of India


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