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8 Telling Signs and Symptoms of Food Addiction

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Does this scenario sound familiar?

It’s a brand new day; a day you’ve vowed to start eating right, cutting sugar, and eating out less. You actually make a good first step with a healthy breakfast at home, but after a stressful day at work, you choose to hit a drive-thru for lunch and eat a supersized meal and a sundae instead of those leftovers you brought with you from home. After a chaotic afternoon, you stop into a bakery on your way home and take away half a dozen cupcakes. Once home, nothing appeals to you in the fridge, so you order a pizza and spend the night noshing mozzarella and icing sugar in front of the television.  And you go to bed feeling weak, ashamed, and guilty about another failed diet attempt.

Is this just a nasty, unhealthy cycle that you can’t break due to stress—or do you, like thousands of other North Americans, suffer from food addiction?

Here are eight telling signs and symptoms of binge eaters…

1. You Never Eat in Moderation

Sure, a bit of chocolate in moderation is totally fine, but those with food addictions can’t stop at “just a square” and can’t refuse unhealthy foods. Food addicts, like drug addicts, have an “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to eating, which means if they take home a chocolate cake, they will likely eat most of it until they are sick.

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