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13 Tips to Make Running More Comfortable

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I’ve been running for seven years. However, there are still days (many of them) when I find my pace is slow, my gait awkward, and my speed lagging so far behind that it takes me back to those first few uncomfortable weeks as a newbie runner.

It doesn’t matter how long and how fast you can run. And it doesn’t matter if you’re training for your first half marathon or simply running to stay in shape. You can’t expect to every workout to be stellar and easy every single day. You’re bound to have a few awkward moments along the way—including leg cramps, unpredictable weather, and sneaker malfunctions.

Luckily, I’ve got thirteen (it’s my lucky number) helpful tips to make your runs a little smoother and more comfortable each time you lace up your sneakers…

1. Schedule your Runs

Most people are more apt to make time for running if it’s on the calendar. So put the onus on yourself and commit to a few weekly runs by actually entering them into your calendar for the week. Block off an hour or more from the hustle and bustle of work and family obligations to do something beneficial for your body and mind so you actually give running the importance that it deserves in your life.

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