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8 Reasons Why Cold-Weather Running Rocks

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During the winter and cooler days of early spring, local gyms tend to be packed with people while it’s rare to see someone running around the neighborhood. However, so long as conditions are reasonable (as in, not dangerous due to ice or visibility), there’s nothing wrong with running outside during the colder months. In fact, there are many great reasons to lace up and hit the pavement even on cold, rainy days…

1. You Won’t Overheat

One of the most visible reasons to run in cooler weather is also one of the most obvious reasons to avoid running during the hottest days of the summer: you won’t get so hot that your health is in danger. Running during a heat wave is particularly dangerous, as it can raise our body temperature to unsafe levels and deplete our fluid levels to the point where we become seriously dehydrated.

Rarely is this a problem on colder days. On most days you’ll be able to run five, ten or fifteen miles without getting hot, potentially allowing you to go further and build your endurance than you’d be able to do during the summer or in a warmer climate. For those just starting to get into running, that could make the winter the best season to begin a new running routine.

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