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5 Tips For Avoiding Travel Illness

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When you are travelling to another country, nothing can ruin a trip faster than travel illness. The good news is that if you follow these five simple travel rules, you can thwart illness and have an enjoyable trip…

1. Get your vaccinations updated

Often when we travel to other countries, we put ourselves at risk for certain diseases that are not common at home, but are rampant in the region we’re visiting. That’s why it’s wise to protect yourself a vaccination for preventable diseases—such as malaria, hepatitis, and dengue fever—if they exist in the region you plan to visit.

2. Frequently wash your hands

The easiest way to spread germs is via hand/nose to mouth contact. And your hands will certainly come into contact with various foreign germs as well as the common flu or cold while you travel. Washing your hands before you touch your face or consume food or drink will keep germs at bay.

3. Don’t drink tap water

A tried and true rule when travelling, drinking bottled water vs. tap water –especially in developing countries—will keep you from ingesting harmful microorganisms that may cause a parasite or bacterial waterborne illness. Only drink water that’s been boiled first—so coffee and tea is OK.

4. Don’t wear yourself out

When we travel, we often wear ourselves out trying to see and do everything. However, adequate rest will keep your immune system strong and prevent you from becoming susceptible to illnesses.

5. Avoid street meat

And by that I mean all ethnic foods prepared in a cart. Sure, that burrito may look delectable, but your body isn’t accustomed to the traditional food of the region and you will likely end up with a bout of nasty traveler’s diarrhea or tummy troubles as a result.

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