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10 Healthy Fitness Gadgets for 2015

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A new year typically gets people thinking about making life changes, specifically those that will help improve their health and fitness level. Last year, we saw the emergence of many new fitness trackers, offering varying levels of tracking data and metrics. Some were simple, tracking steps and sleep. Others integrated food logging, goal setting, and tracking specific exercises. While the fitness gadget industry is already quite vast, this year we’ll see a greater variety of products and apps that go beyond the standard fitness tracking.

As you put 2014 behind you, take 2015 by storm with the following ten fitness gadgets, which can help keep you on track, provide needed motivation—and in many cases, assistance—to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle…

1. Mio Alpha 2

Gone are the smart watches that provide your fitness metrics on an app through your phone or other device, and in comes Mio Alpha 2. This smart watch does all of the great things previous products have done, but with the convenient added ability to see your metrics right on the watch’s screen, something a good portion of trackers fall short on (and suffer worse reviews because of). It wouldn’t be surprising if, by the end of the year, more companies release something similar to catch up.

The original Mio Alpha was already considered by many as one of the most accurate devices to get an optical heart rate measurement, so there’s no surprise this feature is found in version 2. On top of this, it tracks your pace, speed, distance, and calories without the use of your smart phone as you exercise. Other features include compatibility with iPhone and Android apps, holds up to 25 hours of data, automatic wireless syncing with the Mio GO app, and configurable heart rate zones that let you know when to exercise harder or back off.

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