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Reap and Sow the 6 Health Benefits of Gardening

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Psst, I know a way to achieve better physical fitness, mental wellness, and nutrition in one hobby. Try your hand, or spade, at gardening. You can equate gardening to Mother Nature’s very own spa retreat. The pastime offers unlimited ways to bend, squat, tug, pull, and dig to get fit while opening the mind and mood to the positive benefits of open air, sunshine, and the good, old fashioned meditative practice of digging in the dirt.

So get ready to get those hands and knees dirty! Let’s all benefit from what we reap and sow in the garden…


1. Better Brain Cultivation

You might grow “brain food” like broccoli and kale in your garden, but it turns out the actually hands-on experience of toiling in a garden is giving your brain an added boost.

A study conducted by the University of South Florida found that students who participated in school gardening programs achieved much higher grades on standardized science tests. Gardening has also been identified as a positive, natural therapy for kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (or ADHD).


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