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Beware of These 8 Common Food Traps

Navigating your way through the modern world on a healthy diet can be difficult—particularly when you’re met with vending machines, fast food drive-thrus, social gatherings, and other healthy eating pitfalls along the way.

However, you can make better choices if you identify the most common eight food traps and how to steer clear of them…

1. Buffets

The all-you-can-eat buffet is a popular suggestion among co-workers and for large group gatherings because there is something for everyone among the mile-long smorgasbord.  Buffets make it almost impossible to keep portion sizes small because they dare you to “eat your monies worth.” On top of it, buffets have a see-food mentality—meaning you see it and instantly want to eat it, according to a study from Cornell University, which discovered that buffet-goers with higher body mass indexes (BMI) tending to eat on sight vs. scanning the entire buffet and picking and choosing after getting the whole picture. If avoiding a buffet isn’t an option, fill a salad-sized rather than a dinner plate to keep portion sizes realistic, and pick from fruit and raw, steamed veggies and fruits, grilled and steamed lean proteins, and avoid heavy, creamy sauces.

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