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6 Reasons You Need a Wellness Weekend

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We often get sucked into our daily work routines, and forget that we need to step back once in a while and take some time to ourselves. However, while you can flop on the couch and watch television, there are even better ways to enjoy some downtime.

A wellness retreat can offer many benefits, from soothing aching muscles, to letting your mind unwind, to unplugging you from constantly buzzing smartphones. Here are six reasons to consider escaping your usual surroundings for a wellness weekend…


1. Be more Flexible with your Time

Yoga retreats are a popular choice, as it not only allows you to relax, but helps you focus on your physical health and flexibility as well. Best Health magazine in Canada notes that you don’t have to be an experienced yogi to take advantage of these retreats; you can be “stiff as a broom handle”.

Not only will you come back home with a few less knots in your body, you’ll also possibly make new friends as there will be many like-minded people at the retreat, noted the magazine. Some retreats even integrate other activities like hiking into the yoga wellness experience.

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