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6 Eco-Friendly Food Swaps for Greener Fall Eating

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Many of us already bring reusable shopping bags to the grocery story, recycle, and maybe even compost. However, your environmentally friendly goals can also extend to your diet. Sure, you may already use a refillable water bottle or coffee mug vs. paper or plastic, but you can also focus the actual foods your buying on local, seasonal sources that can better the planet…

1. Pick Seasonal Produce

Happy first day of autumn, which means we’re in store (in many parts of North America) for a collection of seasonal produce—apples, pears, beets, artichokes, Brussel’s sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, figs, cranberries, garlic, grapes, and kale, oh my!

So when these fall beauties make their appearance at your local farmer’s market, do your green part and pick from seasonal produce vs. out of season fruits and veggies that don’t require inefficient shipping to market.

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