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10 Low Cal Tips for Surviving Christmas Party Season

If you’re struggling to stay on the healthy eating bandwagon come December, you, like me, understandably dread the pending office, family, and social holiday gatherings. Not only are most centered around food with the odd ugly Christmas sweater thrown in for laughs—they also focus on enjoying some holiday cheer (and by that I mean plenty of cocktails).

These infamous holiday soirees can sabotage your healthy living goals faster than Santa can devour a plate of shortbread cookies. Luckily, there we have ten low calorie tips for surviving the holiday party season…

1. Proactively Pre-eat

Eat a big lunch or dinner (if it’s an evening cocktail affair) prior to the party. The worst mistake you can make is skipping a meal in order to save up calories for the event. You’ll only end up binging on everything in sight because you’re starving.  Instead, eat healthy and sensibly throughout the day to set a tone for the evening’s festivities.

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